Nobody But Me

    “Nobody But Me,” Friend, Oct. 1997, 30–31

    Nobody But Me

    Choose the right way and be happy (Children’s Songbook, page 161).

    When I play with a friend and he wants to go first,

    And he went first yesterday—

    Or he tells me I have to go home or find somewhere else to play—

    And I feel like crying or hitting him, or yelling angrily,

    I tell myself that nobody can make me mad

    But me.

    When I look at the boys who are older than I

    And they seem so big and strong,

    And I sometimes get discouraged because growing takes so long,

    I do some extra push-ups and whisper quietly

    That nobody can make me strong

    But me.

    When I want to take the dollar that is sitting on the shelf

    And go down to the drugstore so I can treat myself,

    And I’m sure Mom won’t remember that she left it there last night,

    I tell myself that only I

    Can make me choose the right.