Sparkling Springtime Picture

“Sparkling Springtime Picture,” Friend, June 1996, 27

Sparkling Springtime Picture

To make a sparkling picture, you will need: a piece of plain white paper, a pencil, a piece of dark-colored construction paper, transparent tape, old newspapers, and a straight pin.

  1. Draw a springtime scene on the white paper with the pencil. Be sure you include some sunshine! You could also include the word Dad if you want to give this as a Father’s Day gift.

  2. Attach your drawing to the construction paper with the tape. Place the picture on top of a small stack of old newspapers to protect the work surface.

  3. Using the straight pin, prick holes in the outline of your drawing. Leave just a little bit of space between each hole, and make sure that the hole goes all the way through the construction paper.

  4. After you have pricked the holes, carefully remove the white paper and discard it.

  5. Hang your picture in a sunny window, or attach it to a lampshade. The light will shine through the holes in the dark paper and make your drawing sparkle!