Jesus Christ Blesses the Children

“Jesus Christ Blesses the Children,” Friend, June 1996, 16

Jesus Christ Blesses the Children

Nephites bring their little children to Jesus

Jesus Christ told the Nephites to bring their little children to him. The children sat on the ground around Jesus. 3 Ne. 17:11–12

They knelt and he prayed

The Savior told the people to kneel down upon the ground. Then he knelt and prayed to Heavenly Father. 3 Ne. 17:13–15

The Nephites were filled with joy

The Savior’s prayer was so great and marvelous that it could not be written. Upon hearing it, the Nephites were filled with joy. 3 Ne. 17:16–17

Jesus pleased with the faith of the Nephites

After his prayer, Jesus told the Nephites, “Blessed are ye because of your faith. And now behold, my joy is full.” 3 Ne. 17:18–20

He felt much love

He felt so much love and happiness that he wept. 3 Ne. 17:21

He blessed each child

Then he took the little children, one by one, and blessed them. He prayed to Heavenly Father for them and wept again. 3 Ne. 17:22

Behold your little ones

He said to the Nephites, “Behold your little ones.” 3 Ne. 17:23

Angels encircled the children

As the people watched, angels came down from heaven and encircled the children. The children and the angels were surrounded by fire. 3 Ne. 17:24

Illustrated by Jerry Thompson