My Little Brother Pete

    “My Little Brother Pete,” Friend, June 1996, 30

    My Little Brother Pete

    Every time I get a treat,

    I have to share with little Pete.

    Whenever I go out to play,

    Mom says, “Take Pete along, OK?”

    When I play race cars in my room,

    Pete grabs my cars and yells, “Vroom! Vroom!”

    The last two years on my birthday,

    Pete blew out my candles, cheered, “Hurray!”

    When I come home each day from school,

    Pete’s by the window on a stool.

    And if there is a storm outside,

    Pete grabs my legs and tries to hide.

    Every time Pete goes to bed,

    He asks for a story I’ve already read.

    And every time I think of Pete,

    I smile and think, He’s pretty neat!