Easter ABC Fill-in
April 1996

“Easter ABC Fill-in,” Friend, Apr. 1996, 23

Easter ABC Fill-in

Read the Easter Story in the New Testament (Matt. 21, 26–28; Mark 11, 14–16; Luke 19, 22–24; John 12–13, 18–21) and fill in the words below. Look up the scripture references if you get stuck. (Note: There is no X.)

  1. When Mary Magadalene went to the tomb the first day of the week, she saw two _______________ where Jesus’ body had lain. (See John 20:11–12.)

  2. At the Last Supper, Jesus took __________, __________ it, __________ it, and gave it to the Apostles, saying, “This is my __________.” (See Mark 14:22.)

  3. After the soldiers __________ Jesus, they __________ lots for His garments, including His __________. (See John 19:23–24.)

  4. While Jesus hung on the cross, there was __________over all the land. (Matt. 27:45.)

  5. Jesus appeared to two of His disciples as they walked to the village of __________, and He __________ and all scriptures concerning Himself. (See Luke 24:13–27.)

  6. As He hung on the cross, Jesus said, “__________, __________ them; ________ they know not what they do.” (See Luke 23:34.)

  7. Before Jesus was arrested, He prayed in a place called _______________. (See Matt. 26:36.)

  8. Pilate sent Jesus to __________, who questioned Him with many words. (See Luke 23:6–9.)

  9. Judas __________, one of the Apostles, betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. (See Matt. 26:14–15.)

  10. ______________ of Arimathaea asked Pilate for the body of ____________, “wrapped it in a clean linen cloth, And laid it in his own new tomb.” (See Matt. 27:57–60.)

  11. Pilate put a sign on the cross: “Jesus of Nazareth the ____________of the Jews.” (See John 19:19.)

  12. After His resurrection, Jesus asked Simon Peter, “____________thou me more than these?” and told him, “Feed my ____________.” (See John 21:15.)

  13. As Jesus hung on the cross, He saw His ____________ and asked John, the disciple “whom he loved,” to care for her. (See John 19:26–27.)

  14. After Jesus’ death, __________, who “first came to Jesus by ____________,” brought myrrh and aloes to anoint His body. (See John 19:39.)

  15. At the home of Lazarus in Bethany, Mary poured precious ____________ on Jesus’ feet, then wiped them with her hair. (See John 12:1–3.)

  16. When Jesus rode into Jerusalem in triumph, the ____________ met Him with branches of __________ trees and shouts of “Hosanna.” (See John 12:12–13.)

  17. After Jesus died, “the earth did ____________, and the rocks rent.” (See Matt. 27:51.)

  18. When Mary Magdalene saw the resurrected Savior, she said, “____________” which means “Master.” (See John 20:16.)

  19. To make sure that Jesus was dead, one of the __________ pierced His __________ with a ___________. (See John 19:34.)

  20. ____________, one of the _____________Apostles, was not with the others when Jesus appeared to them. He said that he would not believe that Jesus was resurrected unless he could see the nail prints in Jesus’ hands and _____________his hand into Jesus’ side. (See John 20:24–25.)

  21. The chief priests, scribes, and elders decided not to kill Jesus on the feast day, so as not to cause an ____________among the people. (See Matt. 26:3–5.)

  22. On the cross, Jesus was given ____________ to drink. (See Mark 15:36.)

  23. At the Last Supper, Jesus poured __________ into a basin and began to __________ the disciples’ feet and __________them with a towel. (See John 13:5.)

  24. Before ascending into heaven, Jesus told His disciples, “I am with ________ alway, even unto the end of the world.” (See Matt. 28:20.)

  25. One of the women who ministered to Jesus and watched His crucifixion was the mother of ____________ children. (See Matt. 27:55–56.)


  • A—angels; B—bread, blessed, brake, body; C—crucified, cast, coat; D—darkness; E—Emmaus, expounded; F—Father, forgive, for; G—Gethsemane; H—Herod; I—Iscariot; J—Joseph, Jesus; K—King; L—Lovest, lambs; M—mother; N—Nicodemus, night; O—ointment; P—people, palm; Q—quake; R—Rabboni; S—soldiers, side, spear; T—Thomas, twelve, thrust; U—uproar; V—vinegar; W—water, wash, wipe; Y—you; Z—Zebedee’s.