No Greater Power

“No Greater Power,” Friend, Apr. 1996, 8

No Greater Power

We believe in the gift of … healing (A of F 1:7).

Jacob lunged off the step. “I am Global Guard,” he hollered, arms thrown out, fists clenched, “protector of planet Earth.”

“Mr. Guard,” Jacob’s father called from the kitchen, “do you think you can stop defending Earth long enough to have your bedtime snack?”

“It’s not Mr. Guard, Dad.” Jacob flung himself onto the chair at the kitchen table. “It’s Global Guard, protector of planet Earth. If you watched the show, you’d know that.”

Jacob’s father placed a glass of milk and a plate of graham crackers in front of his son. “You watch enough Global Protector for all of us.”

“It’s not Global Protector, it’s—”

“Eat,” his father ordered, shaking his head.

Jacob popped a piece of cracker into his mouth as his mother shuffled into the kitchen, tying her bathrobe.

“How are you feeling?” Dad asked.

“About the same,” she said, slumping into a chair at the table.

“Wow, Mom,” Jacob exclaimed, staring at her, “you look sick!”

His mother nodded in agreement.

Jacob took a gulp of milk. He imagined himself as Global Guard protecting his mother from evil invaders, mutant monsters, and from any other bad guys. He was picturing himself scaring off vicious villains, when he felt a hand on his head. He glanced up.

“Are you ready for family prayer?” Dad asked.

“Yep.” Jacob pushed himself from the table, swinging his hand within inches of his father’s nose. “I have the power, Dad,” he said with a grin.

“Uh-huh,” Dad said.

Jacob followed his parents into the family room.

Dad offered the prayer. Although he tried to concentrate on the prayer, Jacob’s mind wandered to a Global battle, with himself as the hero.

The next morning, Jacob felt himself being gently shaken. It must be time to get up for school, he thought. He was going to wear his new Global Guard shirt.


Jacob’s eyes opened in surprise. It wasn’t Mom’s or Dad’s voice he heard. It was his grandmother’s.

“What are you doing here?”

His grandmother forced a smile. “It’s all right, Jacob. Your parents aren’t here right now.”

“Where are they?” Jacob kicked the blanket off his legs.

“Your mother became very ill during the night, and your father took her to the hospital. After you get dressed and have breakfast, I’ll drive you there to see her.”

At the hospital, Jacob saw that his dad looked tired and worried. Mom was lying on a hospital bed, her eyes closed. A clear fluid went through a thin tube into her arm. Dad explained to Jacob that Mom had a serious infection.

Jacob sat in silence in a large chair. He felt scared and helpless. “I wish I could do something,” he finally said in frustration. “I wish I could make her better.”

His father gave him a tired smile, then glanced at his watch. “Brother Davis ought to be here any minute. We’re going to give your mother a priesthood blessing.”

“Will the blessing help?”

“Yes, Jacob,” Dad said, “if it’s Heavenly Father’s will. The power of a priesthood blessing to help someone is very strong.”

“Power?” Jacob stared at his father.

Both turned as Brother Davis, one of the family’s home teachers, entered the room.

“Thank you for coming,” Jacob’s father said, reaching into his pocket for a vial of consecrated oil.

Jacob watched as his father poured a few drops of oil onto his mother’s head. Dad and Brother Davis then gave his mother a blessing. Jacob relaxed slightly as his mother was blessed that she would recover. As his father continued the blessing, Jacob felt calm for the first time since his grandmother had awakened him.

At home that night, Jacob and his father knelt and prayed that Mom would recover. Jacob concentrated harder than he ever had before on the words his father said.

“Dad,” Jacob said after the prayer. “Before Brother Davis came, you said something about priesthood power.”

“That’s right.” His father sank onto the couch.

“Is that like Global Guard’s power to protect people?”

“No, Jacob.” His father pulled Jacob next to him. “Global Guard is a TV show. We’re talking about something real—the priesthood. Remember, if you are worthy, you will hold the priesthood in a few years.”

“And then I’ll have the power?” Jacob asked, swinging his hand in front of his father’s face.

His father took Jacob’s hands in his. “Actually, Jacob, God has the power.”


“But if you live right and have faith, you can hold His priesthood and act for Him. That’s an important thing to remember. You’re acting for God.”

After school the next day, Jacob and his father went to the hospital. When they entered his mother’s room, her eyes were open. Smiling weakly, she beckoned them to come closer. Jacob dashed to the side of her bed.

“How are you?” his father asked, taking her hand.

“The doctor said that with some rest, I’m going to be fine.”

“Dad, you were right!” Jacob exclaimed. “The power really works!”

“I know that it does, Jacob.”

“This can’t be talk about Earth Guard,” his mother said, glancing at Jacob’s father.

“Honey,” his father said, looking relaxed for the first time in two days, “you mean Global Guard—”

“That’s not what I’m talking about, Mom,” Jacob interrupted, pushing a chair next to his mother’s bed. “Global Guard’s only pretend.”

Then, kneeling on the chair by the bed, Jacob explained what he had learned about real power—priesthood power.

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki