Good Reading for Little Friends

“Good Reading for Little Friends,” Friend, Apr. 1996, 31

Good Reading for Little Friends

Visiting Granny by Kim Fernandes There are lots of things to see and do at Granny’s house, even with nosy farm animals getting in the way. The clay-sculpture art makes the visit especially fun, and the recipe for Granny’s Raisin Cookies is a wonderful good-bye present.

Fletcher and the Great Big Dog by Jane Kopper Hilleary When a great big dog stands in Fletcher’s way, he turns and pedals away. The dog follows him wherever he goes, and he gets lost. When it starts to rain, Fletcher tries to find his way home. This time the great big dog doesn’t follow him, so Fletcher wisely decides to follow the dog.

Nora and the Great Bear by Ute Krause The bear was as old and as big as the forest itself, the hunters said, but no one had ever seen it. When she was lost, Nora saw it—and it was as old and as big as the forest. And that’s not all. …

Here Comes the Strikeout by Leonard Kessler Bobby could play baseball very well, for a beginner, even catching it sometimes—but he always struck out! Willie offered to let him wear his lucky hat, but it didn’t work. Then Willie helped him learn to hit. Bobby also learned that “Lucky hats won’t do it. Only hard work will do it.”

Illustrated by Dick Brown