Easter Time

    “Easter Time,” Friend, Apr. 1996, 27

    Easter Time

    I love the world at Easter time

    Because everything is new.

    There are blossoms on our fruit trees

    And in our garden too.

    And where the grass was dead and brown,

    It’s starting to look green.

    The world just seems to come alive

    Whenever it is spring.

    It makes me think of Jesus

    And that great, first Easter Day,

    Of how He came to live on earth

    To teach us to obey.

    He died for us upon the cross

    And suffered for our sins.

    Then, like the trees and flowers in spring,

    He came to life again.

    And now when it is springtime,

    I’m filled with Jesus’ love.

    I know He rose again so I

    Could live with Him above.

    Illustrated by Mark Robison