Joseph Fielding Smith

“Joseph Fielding Smith,” Friend, Sept. 1993, 5

Joseph Fielding Smith

Latter-day Prophets (puzzle-coloring page)

Instructions: Cut out the puzzle squares, put them together to create a picture of this prophet, and read some of the highlights of his life. Glue the picture, its title, and the highlights to another piece of paper, and color it.


Art from Presidents of the Church coloring book: courtesy of Grandin Book, Orem, UT

  • 1876 July 19, is born in Salt Lake City, Utah, son of the sixth president of the Church

  • 1896 (age 20) Patriarchal blessing proclaims, “It shall be thy duty to sit in counsel with thy brethren and to preside among the people” (See My Kingdom Shall Roll Forth manual, page 123.)

  • 1897 (age 21) Is ordained an elder

  • 1898 (age 21) Marries Louie Emyla Shurtliff; she dies in 1908, leaving two daughters

  • 1899–1901 (age 22–24) Serves a mission to England

  • 1902 (age 25) Becomes a clerk in the Church historian’s office

  • 1908 (age 32) Marries Ethel Georgina Reynolds; she bears five sons and four daughters, dies in 1937

  • 1910 (age 33) Is ordained an Apostle by his father, Joseph F. Smith, President of the Church

  • 1921 (age 44) Becomes the Church historian

  • 1934 (age 57) Becomes president of the Church’s Genealogical Society

  • 1938 (age 61) Marries Jessie Evans; she dies in 1971

  • 1939 (age 62) Tours Europe; is in Germany when World War II breaks out; directs the evacuation of all missionaries from Europe

  • 1945 (age 68) Becomes president of the Salt Lake Temple

  • 1951 (age 74) Becomes President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

  • 1965 (age 89) Becomes a counselor in the First Presidency

  • 1970 (age 93) Is sustained as President of the Church

  • 1971 (age 95) Presides over the first area general conference of the Church, in Manchester, England

  • 1972 (age 95) Dedicates the Ogden Temple and the Provo Temple

  • 1972 (age 95) July 2, dies in Salt Lake City