Is Tomorrow Sunday?

“Is Tomorrow Sunday?” Friend, Sept. 1993, 40

Is Tomorrow Sunday?

Ye … joy in that which ye have desired (D&C 7:8).

“Is tomorrow going to be Sunday?” Anna and Christina asked as Mommy tucked them into bed.

“No, sweethearts, today is Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday. Monday is family-home-evening day.”


“After Monday will it be Sunday?” the little girls wanted to know.

“No. After Monday it will be Tuesday. Tuesday is laundry day,” Mommy reminded them.


“After Tuesday will it be Sunday?”

“No,” Mommy said. “After Tuesday it will be Wednesday. Wednesday is shopping day and do-something-for-someone-else day.”


“After Wednesday will it be Sunday?”

“No. After Wednesday it will be Thursday. Thursday is story-hour-at-the-library day, remember?”


“We remember now,” Christina and Anna said. “And after Thursday will it be Sunday?”

“No. After Thursday it will be Friday. Friday is bake day and Daddy and Mommy’s date night.”


“After Friday will it be Sunday?”

“No. After Friday it will be Saturday. You can work and play with your family then, or watch a cartoon. And Saturday is get-ready-for-Sunday day.”


“After Saturday will it be Sunday?”

Yes, sweethearts. You will wake up and put on your special Sunday dresses, then go to Primary and sacrament meeting. After church, you will come home and eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches and take a nap. You will write letters to your grandmas and grandpas, and eat chili and popcorn for supper. Next we will have family council, and then you will get tucked into bed—and you will ask—

“Is tomorrow going to be Sunday?”

Illustrated by Susan Curtis