Temple ABCs

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“Temple ABCs,” Friend, Sept. 1993, 42

Temple ABCs

The “Temples of the Lord” activity (see Friend, January 1993, pages 24–25, 27), and the “Temples Are Places of Service” Sharing Time (see Friend, July 1993, pages 12–13) will help you with this quiz.

  1. The __________ (Canada) Temple was dedicated in 1923 by Heber J. Grant.

  2. __________ for the dead were performed in Christ’s early church; today they are performed in latter-day temples.

  3. There are three temples in __________, a large west-coast state in the United States.

  4. The first temple in Colorado was built near __________, nicknamed the Mile-High City.

  5. A blessing of special spiritual gifts, which include instruction and a series of covenants made with Heavenly Father in the temple, is known as the temple __________.

  6. When it was dedicated in 1985, the __________ Germany Temple was in the German Democratic Republic.

  7. The Saints who live in its district are eagerly awaiting construction to begin on the __________ Ecuador Temple.

  8. The __________ Temple is the only temple in the United States that is located on an island.

  9. The __________ Falls Temple, dedicated in 1946, was built on the banks of the Snake River.

  10. Besides English and Afrikaans, French, Portuguese, and German are languages used in the __________ South Africa Temple.

  11. The __________ Temple was the first temple built in this dispensation.

  12. The __________ Peru Temple was the second temple built in South America.

  13. __________ are performed for time and all eternity in the temple.

  14. The second temple built by the Church in this dispensation, the __________ Temple, had to be abandoned.

  15. Baptisms for the dead and sealings are two sacred ceremonies that are called temple __________.

  16. The __________ Temple is near Brigham Young University and the Missionary Training Center.

  17. We should be reverent and __________ in the temple because it is a sacred place.

  18. Before you can enter the temple to do baptisms for the dead, you are interviewed by your bishop, who gives you a __________ if you are worthy.

  19. A mother, father, and their children can be __________ as a “forever family” in the temple.

  20. Japan’s capital city is where worthy members attend the __________ Temple.

  21. No one who is __________ is allowed to enter the temple.

  22. Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery saw the Lord in a __________ in the Kirtland Temple. (See D&C 110:1–14.)

  23. The __________ Temple, which has sessions for the hearing-impaired, is on a hillside near the capital of the United States.

  24. Joseph Fielding Smith, the __________ (use Roman numeral) President of the Church, also served as president of the Salt Lake Temple and dedicated the Provo Temple and the Ogden Temple.

  25. People worked forty __________ to complete the Salt Lake Temple.

  26. A special Samoan session is held on Tuesday afternoons in the New __________ Temple.