Mother’s Day Crafts

    “Mother’s Day Crafts,” Friend, May 1993, 42

    Mother’s Day Crafts

    Spring Bouquet

    To make a bouquet of flowers, you will need: tracing paper, a pencil, bright colored paper, green paper, scissors, straws, clear tape, and ribbon.

    1. Trace the flower and leaf patterns on this page. Use the patterns to cut out flowers and leaves from the colored paper.

    2. Fold the flowers into eighths, then unfold them. If desired, more than one circle can be used to make a flower—just cut additional ones slightly smaller.

    3. Cut the straws to the length desired.

    4. Slip each straw through the center hole of the flower and secure it with tape. Crease the leaves in the center, and tape them to the straw.

    5. Tie the flowers together with a ribbon. The bouquet could be put in the May basket.

    Paper-Plate May Basket

    To make a basket, you will need: 2 large fluted paper plates, scissors, a pencil, colored markers or crayons, a stapler, and a ruler.

    1. Fold one plate in half, then in half again. Cut a small hole in the corner that marks the center of the folded plate (see illustration).

    2. Unfold the plate, place it on top of the second plate, and mark the center of the second plate. Set the first plate aside.

    3. Cut a straight line from the edge to the center of the second plate. Starting at a cut edge, decorate halfway around the plate with markers or crayons (see illustration).

    4. Keeping the decorated side on the outside, turn the plate into a cone shape until the two cut edges are even with each other, then staple in place (see illustration).

    5. For a handle, cut a strip 3/4″ (2 cm) wide halfway around the first plate, then staple it to the basket (see illustration).

    6. Fill the basket with the Spring Bouquet, small fresh flowers, or treats and give it to your mom, or hang it on a neighbor’s doorknob for a surprise!

    Illustrated by Elise Black