Tale of Tails

    “Tale of Tails,” Friend, May 1993, 32–33

    Tale of Tails

    As you read the poem, decide which animal is being described, then match that animal with its tail.

    A tail’s an appendage,

    And so well designed!

    It’s useful and handsome—

    Whose can you find?

    Whose tail swishes,

    Slapping at flies?

    And whose thumps the water

    When dread dangers arise?

    Whose helps it swing

    Through trees limb to limb?

    Whose moves it along

    Each time that it swims?

    Whose tail holds a quiver

    Of needles to swing?

    And whose twists around in

    A curlicue ring?

    Who has a tail that

    Acts as a prop

    To hold it erect

    When it slows to a stop?

    And whose tail seems happy

    And wags with delight

    Whenever a friend,

    Like you, is in sight?

    Illustrated by Dick Brown