Joseph F. Smith

“Joseph F. Smith,” Friend, May 1993, 5

Joseph F. Smith

Latter-day Prophets (puzzle-coloring page)

Instructions: Cut out the puzzle squares, put them together to create a picture of this prophet, and read some of the highlights of his life. Glue the picture, its title, and the highlights to another piece of paper, and color it.


Art from Presidents of the Church coloring book: courtesy of Grandin Book, Orem, UT

  • 1838 November 13, is born in Far West, Missouri

  • 1844 (age 5) Father, Hyrum Smith, is martyred at Carthage

  • 1848 (age 9) Drives an ox team across the plains

  • 1852 (age 13) He becomes an orphan when his mother, Mary Fielding Smith, dies;

  • 1854–58 (age 15–19) Serves a mission to Hawaii

  • 1859 (age 20) Marries Levira A. Smith; is called to the Salt Lake Stake high council

  • 1860–63 (age 21–24) Serves a mission to Great Britain

  • 1864–74 (age 26–36) Serves as a member of the Utah Territorial House of Representatives

  • 1866 (age 27) Is ordained an Apostle and a counselor to the First Presidency

  • 1867 (age 28) Is called to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

  • 1874–75 (age 35–37) Serves as President of the European Mission

  • 1877 (age 38) Serves a second term as President of the European Mission

  • 1878 (age 39) Is called to gather Church history records and data in the eastern states

  • 1880 (age 41) Becomes Second Counselor to John Taylor in the First Presidency, then to Wilford Woodruff (1889) and to Lorenzo Snow (1898)

  • 1884–91 (age 45–52) Lives in exile because of antipolygamy laws; labors in the southwest United States, Mexico, Hawaii, Canada, and the eastern United States

  • 1893 (age 54) Is present at the dedication of the Salt Lake Temple

  • 1901 (age 62) Is sustained as President of the Church

  • 1906 (age 67) Becomes the first President of the Church to tour Europe

  • 1915 (age 76) Dedicates the temple site at Laie, Hawaii

  • 1918 (age 80) November 19, dies