The People of Ammon

“The People of Ammon,” Friend, May 1993, 8

The People of Ammon

Many Lamanites repent

The sons of Mosiah taught the gospel to the Lamanites. Thousands of the Lamanites repented and joined the Church. Alma 23:1, 4–6


These Anti-Nephi-Lehies, or “people of Ammon,” were friendly to the Nephites and became good, hard-working people. Alma 23:17–18

Wicked do not repent

Amalekites, Amulonites, and Lamanites who did not repent were angry with the people of Ammon and wanted to destroy them. Alma 24:1–2

People of Ammon repented

The people of Ammon knew that the wicked Lamanites would come to kill them but decided not to fight back. They had repented of killing. Alma 24:5–6

buried their weapons

They buried their weapons deep in the earth and covenanted with Heavenly Father to never kill again. Alma 24:17–18

Lamanites killed many

When the wicked Lamanites came and began to kill them, the people of Ammon bowed to the ground and prayed. Alma 24:20–21

Some wicked Lamanites repented

Seeing that the people of Ammon would not fight back, many wicked Lamanites began to repent. Alma 24:23–24

people of Ammon

They threw down their weapons and joined the people of Ammon. They would not fight anymore. Alma 24:25–27

wicked Lamanites

More wicked Lamanites came to kill the people of Ammon. They still would not fight back, and many were killed. Alma 27:2–3

Ammon prayed

Not wanting the people he loved to be destroyed, Ammon prayed for help. The Lord told him to take his people out of the land. Alma 27:4–5, 10–12

land of Jershon

The Nephites in Zarahemla gave them the land of Jershon and protected them and were their friends. Alma 27:15, 20–27

Illustrated by Jerry Thompson