What’s for Dessert?

“What’s for Dessert?” Friend, June 1992, 23

What’s for Dessert?

Shawn is excited because his relatives are coming for dinner. Mom said that she could make one each of three kinds of pies: pumpkin, banana cream, custard, blueberry, pecan, mincemeat, cherry, chocolate, lemon meringue. The problem is:

  • —Uncle Bart is allergic to chocolate.

  • —Dad does not like blueberries.

  • —Grandpa’s doctor said that custard pie is not good for him.

  • —Shawn does not like lemon meringue pie.

  • —Shawn’s cousin, Sally, does not like pumpkin pie.

  • —Aunt Eugenia says that pecan pie is too fattening.

What three kinds of pies did Mom bake that everyone would eat?