Follow Christ

“Follow Christ,” Friend, June 1992, inside front cover

Follow Christ

(Adapted from an October 1991 general conference address. See Ensign, November 1991, pages 39–41.)

Follow me, and do the things which ye have seen me do (2 Ne. 31:12).

One morning several years ago I was driving with my family to Disney World in Florida. Our four young daughters were excited as we approached the turnoff to that famous park. The laughter and happy chatter stopped suddenly, however, as our rented station wagon sputtered and chugged to an unexpected stop on the exit ramp. Many cars sped by us in the rush-hour traffic as I tried to get the car running again. Finally, realizing there was nothing more we could do, we got out of the stalled car and huddled together off the road for a word of prayer.

As we looked up from our prayer, we saw a smiling, handsome man and his son maneuver their bright red sports car through the lanes of traffic and pull off the road beside us. For the rest of the morning and into the afternoon these men cared for our needs in many kind and helpful ways. They took us to the park. They helped me locate a tow truck; they drove me to the rental agency to get a replacement vehicle. They bought refreshments for my family and waited with them until I returned several hours later.

We felt that these men were truly an answer to our prayer, and we told them so as we thanked them. The father responded, “Every morning I tell the good Lord that if there is anyone in need of help today, please guide me to them.”

Acts of Christian service should be part of our everyday lives. Jesus “went about doing good” (Acts 10:38), and He taught us how to do good: love our neighbors, forgive others, care for the poor, the sick, the lonely.

Perhaps the greatest of Christian acts are those we never hear about. They are done quietly, without thought of praise or payment. If we have Christlike thoughts in our hearts, Christ’s teachings will be reflected naturally in our actions.

Illustrated by Keith Larson