Alexandra Marina Ferreira Calado of Parede, Portugal

“Alexandra Marina Ferreira Calado of Parede, Portugal,” Friend, June 1992, 18

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Alexandra Marina Ferreira Calado of Parede, Portugal

Latter-day Saint missionary work didn’t begin in Portugal until after a revolution in 1974. Then, in January 1975, thirty people attended the first public meeting of the Church in the Roma Hotel in Lisbon. A few months later President Thomas S. Monson traveled to a mountain site near Sintra and dedicated Portugal for missionary work.

Ten-year-old Alexandra and her family are grateful that the missionaries were able to come to their country. Several years ago the missionaries knocked on their door, and her grandmother invited them in. Because of that contact, Alexandra, her parents (Rosa and Arnaldo), and her brother (Victor), as well as her grandmother joined the Church. When Alexandra attended a Latter-day Saint meeting for the first time, she felt more comfortable there than she had at any other church. Later, when she was baptized, she knew that it was the right thing to do. Alexandra knew that she could gain exaltation and return someday to Heavenly Father and Jesus.

Today the family is active in the Oeiras Ward, Lisbon Portugal Oeiras Stake. Alexandra and Victor enjoy attending sacrament meeting and Primary. Sister Ferreira is the second counselor in the Primary presidency. Alexandra’s favorite song to sing in Primary is “My Heavenly Father Loves Me.” She especially likes to play games in Sharing Time.

School is an important part of Alexandra’s life too. Math is her best subject. She likes to read the “Little House” books; 1 Nephi is her favorite book of the scriptures to read.

An active girl, Alexandra enjoys playing dolls, house, and tennis. She always has fun swimming in her friend’s pool. Someday, Alexandra would like to take piano lessons. She and her brother like to bike ride and roller-skate together.

Washing dishes, dusting, and making her bed are a few of her chores. She likes to cook french fries, rice, and eggs. A favorite dish to eat is boiled fish, cabbage, and potatoes, seasoned with vinegar and olive oil.

Portugal is a beautiful country with cobblestone roads, tiled roofs, and lovely seacoasts. Alexandra and her family live in an apartment in a small seacoast town. They often go out for walks to the beach or to the park. Everyone enjoys family home evening, and Alexandra always loves to give the prayer. She appreciates having gospel discussions with her family. She knows that family home evening is important and will help build her testimony.

Photographed by Julie Wardell

Playing at the park

Grandmother, Alexandra, Paulo (cousin), Victor, Rosa (mother)

Admiring a fountain at the park

Tile rooftops and the seacoast

Listening to the teacher in Primary