Fifty Fun Things to Do!

“Fifty Fun Things to Do!” Friend, June 1992, 24–25

Fifty Fun Things to Do!

Instead of saying, “Mom, there’s nothing to do,” read the suggestions on this calendar. Each time you do one of these items, make a check by it. What you don’t do this month can be done in July or August or anytime you need something to do!

Write the alphabet backward.
Draw a picture of your family for your journal.
Make up a song.
Write a list of words that begin with the letter C.
Make a paper-sack puppet and put on a show.
Write a letter to a missionary.
Put a pencil between your toes and write your name or draw a picture.
Count the number of rooms, doors, and windows in your home.
Make something from a throw-away item.
Write a funny poem.
Design a family flag in family home evening.
Spread peanut butter on slices of apple and eat them.
Make a paper airplane, then fly it.
Learn five new words in the dictionary.
Draw a castle, moat, drawbridge, and dragon.
Make a funny hat and wear it.
Organize a hopscotch tournament.
Make a list of all the green things you can find.
Count backward from 100 to 1.Find first names in the telephone book, one for each letter of the alphabet.
Pretend you’re a windup toy that gradually winds down.
Read the Book of Mormon.
Have a pots-and-pans parade.
Plan a surprise for your mom.
Run through the sprinklers.
Tell a story from the Friend to someone.
Start a bug or rock collection.
Visit your dad or another family member at work.
Check out some books at the library and read them.
Write a family or neighborhood newspaper.
Make a puzzle.
Plan a family bike ride with a special treat at the end.
Call a friend on the telephone.
Make a batch of cookies.
Write a story and read it backward.
Make a picture with noodles, beans, rice, and glue.
Write a thank-you note to your Primary teacher.
Learn the names of six flowers.
In an atlas find ten countries you’d like to visit.
Make a treasure hunt map and hide some goodies.
Bowl with a ball and some cardboard-tube bowling pins.
Draw your own comic strip.
Find six different leaves and identify the kind of tree each grew on.
Organize a family fire drill and home safety check.
Secretly do something nice for a neighbor.
Pull twenty weeds.
Plant some seeds and take care of them.
Have a breakfast picnic.
Wash the family car.
Organize a neighborhood track meet.

Illustrated by Mike Eagle