The Funniest Thanksgiving Day Ever

“The Funniest Thanksgiving Day Ever,” Friend, Nov. 1991, 35

The Funniest Thanksgiving Day Ever

The charity of every one of you all toward each other aboundeth (2 Thes. 1:3).

Have you ever read a scrambled up, nonsense story? Cut off the word list strip, mount on heavy paper, then cut each word or phrase along the broken lines. First, put them in the order that you think makes the most sense as you read the story. Then put them into a bowl and mix them up. As you read the story again, pick out a piece of paper from the bowl and say that word. Now you have a funny, nonsense story that is different every time you read it.

Grandma Featherbone stood at the _________ and sadly watched as great flakes of _________ still fluttered to the ground. The storm had started early yesterday and had continued all night. There would be no traveling this day. It was going to be the worst Thanksgiving Day ever.

Grandma was not the only one who felt grumpy. No one in her small _________ building would be able to attend the family feasts they had each so happily looked forward to. Whatever would they all do now?

Suddenly Grandma clapped her hands with excitement. “Why there’s plenty and enough in my own pantry,” she said to her stuffed _________, Fuzzball. “We’ll have our own Thanksgiving party!”

Grandma picked up the _________ and called each of her five neighbors. “Will you come to my Thanksgiving party?” she asked.

“Yes, yes, yes!” everyone said. “We’ll be there promptly at two o’clock!”

Grandma Featherbone began to scurry about. There was no time to lose. She opened the _________ and took out two large packages of _________ and set them on the counter to thaw. “It’s too bad we don’t have a _________ to eat,” she told Fuzzball, “but we must be thankful for what we do have. At least we won’t have to go without some delicious _________ pie.”

Grandma got out the _________, _________, and _________ and was soon rolling out the pie crust with her _________. Pull and push, roll and smush went Grandma. The pie crust was ready. But where was the filling?

Grandma searched through the pantry shelves again. “Oh bother!” she finally sighed. “I was sure that I had one more can left. Oh well, this big box of _________ will just have to do.” A pair of hot pies were soon cooling on the cupboard next to the dish of _________.

Happily Grandma Featherbone worked. She sang to the _________ as she kneaded it for hot rolls. She hummed to the _________ as she peeled them. The _________ bubbled as they simmered on the _________.

Fuzzball watched everything from his _________ in the corner. The grandfather _________ swiftly ticked the hours away.

Just before two o’clock Grandma carefully placed her delicate _________ on her best lacy _________. She folded the _________ next to the _________ and lit the red _________ standing brightly near each end of the table.

Grandma put a fresh _________ on Fuzzball, then placed him in the middle of the _________. “What a perfectly lovely day this has turned out to be,” Grandma said as she gazed triumphantly at her feast, “and won’t our guests be surprised!”

Word List


bow tie

brussel sprouts








liver and onions


pickled pigs’ feet





rolling pin







teddy bear




Illustrated by Mark Buehner