Harvest Blessings

“Harvest Blessings,” Friend, Nov. 1991, 24

Harvest Blessings


  1. Remove pages 24 and 25 from the magazine. Mount on lightweight cardboard. Cut out the calendar, then cut out the fruits and vegetables.

  2. Put the fruits and vegetables into a small sack. Each day, draw one out of the bag and decipher the blessing on it, using the code on the calendar. Write the blessing on the blanks above the code. Think of what that blessing means to you.

  3. You can do this activity with your family at mealtime by having a different family member select a blessing each day, decipher it, and then have each person tell why that blessing is important to him or her.

  4. To use for family home evening, put all the fruits and vegetables in a sack. Have each person draw a piece, decipher it, tell what it means to him; then have the family sing a song related to that blessing. (See the topical indexes in Hymns and Children’s Songbook for suggestions.)

Illustrated by Dick Brown