Sharing Time: Testimonies of Others Can Strengthen Mine

“Sharing Time: Testimonies of Others Can Strengthen Mine,” Friend, Nov. 1991, 44

Sharing Time:

Testimonies of Others Can Strengthen Mine

And having all these witnesses we obtain a hope, and our faith becometh unshaken (Jacob 4:6).

Emily, 9, belongs to a large family of faithful Church members. She feels that her testimony is strengthened by her family. “For instance,” she said, “my daddy has a scrapbook of his mission, and when he tells me about the pictures and the stories in it, I want to be a missionary too.”

Six-year-old Katie, who is also growing up in a gospel-centered home, said, “When my mother reads me stories about Jesus and tells me about his life, I know that Jesus loves me.”

Richard, a Blazer, has a strong testimony because of his mother. “I heard my mother give a talk about the Book of Mormon. She told of her love for the book, how she knew it was the word of God, and about how its teachings have helped in her life. As I listened, I believed every word she said.”

Melissa, a four-year-old member of a Star A class, knows that important things happen at Church, because when her baby sister was blessed, she felt a special warmth and happiness and her parents told her that that feeling was the Spirit.

Brad, who is just turning seven, said: “When my dad hugs me, I know that he loves me. Then I can understand that my Heavenly Father loves me too.”

Seven-year-old Russell recalls a time when his testimony was strengthened. “My Primary teacher told me that Jesus died and that in three days He was resurrected,” he said. “My teacher said that because of this, after I die, I will be resurrected, too, and live again. My teacher tells the truth, so I can believe her.”

Derek, 11, recalled: “Once when our Primary was preparing for the Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation, the Primary president talked to us for a few minutes. She told us that we were children of god. She explained how Primary teaches us that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us and how we can learn to love them. She talked about how Primary helps us to know and live the gospel. As she was speaking, a sensation came over me—a really warm, good feeling—and I knew that what she was saying is true.”

Peter, 10, was baptized with his family. “The missionaries who taught our family really impressed me because they were always so happy. They told us that their happiness came from living the gospel, so I decided I wanted to be just like them and live the gospel too.”


Emily, Katie, Richard, Melissa, Brad, Russell, Derek, and Peter have all had their testimonies strengthened through the testimonies of others. Perhaps you can think of people whose testimonies have strengthened yours. Color the finger puppets to resemble some of the people who have helped your testimony grow. Write their names below the drawing. Cut the puppets out, and tape the ends of each name strip together to form a circle. Place puppets on your fingers and tell who each one represents and how that person strengthened your testimony.

Finger puppets

Illustrated by Julie F. Young

Sharing Time Ideas

  1. Have children role-play situations showing how testimonies can be strengthened by others. For example, a child listens as a “mother” reads a story about Jesus, a child listens as a “church leader” gives a talk, and several children in a family home evening situation present a lesson, music, and an activity about testimonies.

  2. Have children role-play being missionaries. They could pretend to knock at a door and give a gospel message or a discussion.

  3. Invite a missionary or a returned missionary to talk to the children about sharing testimonies with others.

  4. Have the children write letters or draw pictures about what they have learned about testimonies during the year. Mail them to missionaries from your branch or ward.