Rebecka Marie Wilson of Sutton Coldfield, England

“Rebecka Marie Wilson of Sutton Coldfield, England,” Friend, Nov. 1991, 21

Making Friends:

Rebecka Marie Wilson of Sutton Coldfield, England

When the Wilson family from Sutton Coldfield, England, open their front door, you can usually hear music. Nine-year-old Rebecka Marie (known as Becky) is already quite a famous musician. She won the singing section for nine year olds at the Derby Arts festival, and she came in second, with distinction, in a piano competition at Nuneaton, Warwickshire. She plays the recorder and the flute too!

Becky’s family loves to sing, from three-year-old Jannine, up to eleven-year-old John, Mum, Dad, and Grandma. Family home evening is a good time to enjoy their voices. “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” is a favourite.

Perhaps their mother began it all. She is a piano teacher who composes and who performs in her own musical shows. Last winter Becky and John took part in one of her shows, “Cinders the Panto.” They were on stage in front of hundreds of people in a huge hall in Sutton Coldfield.

One of Becky’s favourite things, in addition to music, swimming, and running, is looking after the family dog. Ossie grew up learning to be a guide dog for the blind, but because he was so much fun—and not calm enough for blind people—he needed a lively family home instead. He fits in very well with the Wilsons.

Besides Ossie, Becky and her brother and sister have another four-footed friend, Sam. Sam is a grey squirrel who comes and taps on the window until Becky puts out some unshelled peanuts. Sam sits daintily nibbling his way through the shell. Then he eats the tasty peanuts inside.

“Sometimes there are two Sams,” laughs Becky. “We think they are male and female, but the name fits them both.” One day one of the Sams got stuck in Becky’s chimney. It took two days to get him out.

Becky likes going on holiday with her family. She has been south to Cornwall, north to Scotland, west to Wales, and east to Scarborough. Soon the family, including Grandma, will move north to Yorkshire, which is a beautiful part of England with lots of green hills and pretty places for walking. The Wilsons love walking in the countryside.

Right now their home in Sutton Coldfield (near Birmingham) is so close to church that they can walk to it. In Primary Becky’s voice is always one of the clearest, especially when they sing “Called to Serve.” She says, “I like that one because it’s nice and jolly.” Becky and her family have favourites when it comes to eating too. It’s not fish and chips, but roast beef with Yorkshire pudding. According to the Wilsons, their mom’s Yorkshire pudding is the best in Britain.

“We also love Bonfire Night in November, with lots of jacket potatoes and treacle toffee.” The family has a bonfire in the garden (yard) and lets off fireworks. And if Becky and John have been in a cooking mood, they can enjoy flapjacks, peppermint creams, or even warm bread.

When you leave Becky Wilson’s house, there’s always a crowd to say “cheerio.” And you know that when the door shuts, the home will still be full of warmth, fun, and music.

Photographed by Anne Bradshaw

1. The Wilson family enjoy a good singsong around the piano.

2. Becky and Jannine with Ossie.

3. Becky practising the piano.

4. Sam enjoying peanuts.

5. Grandma and Becky always read the Friend together and then make things from it.