“Testimony,” Friend, Feb. 1991, 27


I know the sun will rise each day

To light the world for me at play.

I know the night will follow soon,

Made lovely by the shining moon.

I know when rain falls from the sky,

It makes the grass and flowers grow high.

I know the pear tree’s bud so small

Will make a round, sweet pear next fall.

I know my mother’s gentle smile

Means that she loves me all the while.

I know Dad’s happy, laughing way

Shows his care for me each day.

I know that Jesus lives above

And watches over me with love.

I know His prophet’s here below

To teach me the right way to go.

These things I know deep in my heart.

They help me want to do my part.

My joy is full—it’s very clear—

Because I know my Savior’s near.

Illustrated by Phyllis Luch