Bear-y Nice Valentines

“Bear-y Nice Valentines,” Friend, Feb. 1991, 39

Bear-y Nice Valentines

To make these valentines, you will need: colored regular paper; colored construction paper; scissors; a paper punch; colored pens; and glue. Cut heart shapes out of the construction paper. Draw a border around the edge of each heart (see illustrations). Use the paper punch to cut small circles out of various colors of the paper. Glue the circles on the valentines, then use a pen to finish the animal details (see illustrations), or create pictures of your own. After you have completed each drawing, write a valentine message.

Nothing Fishy about these wishes—be my Valentine!


You’re somebunny special—be my Valentine!

You’re something to CROW about, Valentine!

NO LION—you’re g-r-r-eat!

Don’t MONKEY around—be mine!

Just dropping by to say be mine!

Happy Valentine Day!

Illustrated by Jeanette Andrews