Valentine Relay Race

“Valentine Relay Race,” Friend, Feb. 1991, 20

Valentine Relay Race

To prepare for the game, you will need: red construction paper, scissors, old magazines or white paper and crayons, glue, and string.

  1. Cut out a large heart for each player. If there’s an odd number of players, cut out an extra heart.

  2. For each two hearts, you will need to find similar pictures in magazines or draw pictures of a child doing the same action, such as running, jumping, crawling, walking backwards, etc. Cut out the pictures, and glue them to the hearts. Repeat with a picture or drawing of a different action on the next two hearts. Continue until all the hearts have been completed.

  3. Attach a piece of string to each heart so that the children can hang it around their necks.

To Play: Divide the children into two groups. Arrange the hearts in the same order, making two piles at the end of the room. On “Go,” the first player of each team runs up to its pile of hearts, puts on the top one, then returns doing the pictured action. When the player returns to his team, the next player takes his turn. The team who finishes first wins. If there’s an extra player on one team, one of the players on the other team should go twice.