Valentine Turtle

“Valentine Turtle,” Friend, Feb. 1991, 20

Valentine Turtle

To make a turtle, you will need: a large gumdrop, scissors, half a walnut shell, a raisin, a toothpick, cloves, red paper, and glue.

  1. Cut off the small top of the gumdrop and eat it. Push the sticky part of what’s left against the top of the inside of the walnut shell.

  2. Put a raisin on one end of the toothpick. Stick the other end of the toothpick through the gumdrop so that the raisin is on one end for the head and the toothpick sticks out the other end for the tail (see illustration).

  3. Stick four cloves into the gumdrop for the legs.

  4. Cut out small red hearts, and glue them on the shell.