April Fool Hat
April 1990

“April Fool Hat,” Friend, Apr. 1990, 33

April Fool Hat

To make each hat, you will need: a paper plate; scissors; yarn; a paper sack; colored construction paper, old magazines, and/or crayons; and glue.

  1. With an older person’s help, cut a hole in the center of the paper plate so that it will fit on your head.

  2. Make a small hole on each side of the paper plate. Cut two pieces of yarn long enough to tie under your chin (see illustration). Thread the pieces of yarn through the holes on each side, and tie them in place.

  3. Decorate the sack by cutting out shapes from construction paper, by coloring, and/or by attaching pictures cut from magazines (see illustrations).

  4. Cut slits in the corners of the top of the paper sack, and glue it to the paper plate.