Animal Offspring

“Animal Offspring,” Friend, Apr. 1990, 26

Animal Offspring

Match the name of the offspring of each kind of animal to its/their parents.

1. Fish

a. Fawn

2. Bears

b. Joey

3. Goats

c. Lamb

4. Cattle

d. Kitten

5. Beavers

e. Cygnet

6. Rabbits

f. Fry

7. Geese

g. Calf

8. Turkeys

h. Kid

9. Kangaroos

i. Gosling

10. Sheep

j. Pup

11. Cats

k. Cub

12. Deer

l. Bunny

13. Horses

m. Foal

14. Swans

n. Kit

15. Dogs

o. Poult