I’ll Remember

    “I’ll Remember,” Friend, Apr. 1987, 39

    I’ll Remember

    The organ plays a cadence sweet.

    I school my thoughts and still my feet,

    Then raise my voice in sacred song,

    A grateful member of the throng.

    And when the priests together kneel,

    I bow my head and always feel

    A quiet thank-you in my heart

    For this rare blessing—and my part.

    Reverence is more than something I do.

    It’s my spirit, unseen, and your spirit too.

    Whether alone or with others in prayer,

    I know that my Savior can be listening there.

    I take the bread, drink from the cup,

    Rememb’ring the Twelve—how they did sup

    At eventide in the upper room.

    Jesus’ sacrament caused hope to bloom.

    … And I’ll remember.