Easter Activities

    “Easter Activities,” Friend, Apr. 1987, 38

    Easter Activities


    You will need: eggs, newspaper, wrapping paper, scissors, felt-tip markers, egg dye, stickers, tissue paper, pencil, and glue.

    1. With pencil, make hole in pointed end of raw eggs large enough to empty contents. Very carefully rinse and drain shells thoroughly.

    2. Color and decorate shells (see illustration), and let dry again.

    3. To make confetti, cut newspaper and wrapping paper into tiny pieces. Fill eggs with confetti.

    4. Cut round piece of tissue paper large enough to fit over shell openings, glue in place, and let dry.

    In Spain cascarones are thrown during carnivals and parties.

    Jelly Bean Puzzle

    You can use ten jelly beans to form a puzzle that is fun to do during family home evening.

    On a flat surface, place the jelly beans in the shape of a pyramid (see illustration). Now, by moving just three jelly beans, turn the pyramid upside down.

    Jelly Bean Puzzle: Center top jelly bean beneath four at bottom. From line with four jelly beans, move one from each side, and put on each end of line with two in it.