Sharing Time: Be Honest
January 1987

“Sharing Time: Be Honest,” Friend, Jan. 1987, 40

Sharing Time:

Be Honest

They were perfectly honest and upright in all things (Alma 27:27).

Being honest means many things. The dictionary suggests that an honest person will not lie, cheat, or steal. Some words associated with honesty are honorable, truthful, fair, trustworthy, and genuine. You are on the right track to happiness if you practice being honest.

Instructions: Cut out locomotive and cars. Put them in order to spell honesty. As you put each car in place, think of something that you have done or can do that would be an example of principle written on car.


Illustrated by Dick Brown

Sharing Time Ideas

  1. Let children describe experiences that they have had with principle of honesty. Decide which statement on cars matches which experience most closely. Write child’s name on that car, or make small paper doll with his name on it and put it on top of car.

  2. Other cars could be added with statements that children feel are also associated with honesty.

  3. Discuss questions: “How do I feel when I am dishonest/honest?” For older children, explain meaning of counsel given by George Washington: “Honesty is always the best policy.”

  4. Sing related songs: “Jesus Loved the Little Children” (Sing with Me, B-51) and “Articles of Faith” (More Songs for Children, page 33).

  5. Additional resources in 1985 Friend, March, page 2; April, page 40; June, page 14; August/September, page 34; November, page 44.