Biblical Anagrams
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“Biblical Anagrams,” Friend, Jan. 1987, 23

Biblical Anagrams

Using the clues, rearrange the letters to spell well-known names in the Bible.

  1. Met what? (New Testament author)

  2. Nailed (Old Testament interpreter of dreams)

  3. Cars do (woman restored to life by Peter)

  4. Hit goal (Old Testament giant)

  5. I harm (Old Testament king)

  6. Hard cash (Babylonian name of one of Daniel’s three friends)

  7. I am on (Old Testament mother-in-law)

  8. Ram hat (sister of Mary and Lazarus)

  9. Hen pest (first New Testament martyr)

  10. Hal lied (woman who tricked Samson)


  • (1) Matthew, (2) Daniel, (3) Dorcas, (4) Goliath, (5) Hiram, (6) Shadrach, (7) Naomi, (8) Martha, (9) Stephen, (10) Delilah.