Snow Play
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“Snow Play,” Friend, Jan. 1987, 17

Snow Play

Last night while I was sleeping,

The wind called loud and bold.

And snowflakes tumbled to the earth;

The world grew white and cold.

When morning came, I stretched and yawned

And jumped right out of bed.

I donned my boots and overcoat;

A cap went on my head.

Still pulling my wool mittens on,

I marched into the snow—

I was a fearless traveler,

Stepping high and low.

I crossed the highest mountains;

I swam the widest seas.

I hunted in the jungles

And climbed the tallest trees.

I made a snowman army—

We had a snowball fight!

The yard was full of footprints;

The snow was sun-blink bright.

When mother saw my snowmen,

“Who built all these?” asked she.

And then she spied my bright red nose

And guessed that it was me!