Priesthood Leaders
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“Priesthood Leaders,” Friend, Jan. 1987, 20

Priesthood Leaders

Adapted from Doctrine and Covenants Stories (PBIC037A)

(See D&C 20:38–60; D&C 107:1–34; D&C 96–97; Gospel Principles, pages 79–85.)

Melchizedek Priesthood

1 The priesthood is the greatest power on earth. The power of God given to righteous men to do His work, it is made up of the Aaronic (lesser) Priesthood and the Melchizedek (higher) Priesthood. The First Presidency, the Apostles, and the First Quorum of the Seventy all hold the Melchizedek Priesthood.


2 Apostles are ordained to be special witnesses of Jesus Christ and administer the affairs of the Church throughout the world. Members of the First Quorum of the Seventy are ordained to help the Apostles and to direct missionary work.

High Priests

3 Other men in the Church have the Melchizedek Priesthood: high priests, and elders. High priests may be patriarchs, stake presidents, high councilors, and bishops.


4 Elders may be full-time missionaries, and they may baptize new members and give them the gift of the Holy Ghost. They are also to watch over the Church, and they may conduct meetings and give blessings.


5 Priests, teachers, and deacons hold the Aaronic Priesthood. Priests may baptize new members and bless the sacrament. They also help the elders.


6 Teachers may help get the sacrament ready and go home teaching. They are to help Church members live righteously.


7 Deacons may pass the sacrament, act as ushers, and collect fast offerings. They are to help keep Church buildings and grounds in good condition and to serve as messengers for priesthood leaders.