Misnamed Creatures

“Misnamed Creatures,” Friend, May 1983, inside front cover


Misnamed Creatures

Don’t let the names for some creatures fool you. Choosing from the following list, see if you can fill each blank with the real identity of the creature described: bat, beetle, bird, caterpillar, fish, insect, lizard, rodent, salamander, skunk.

  1. I am called LADYBIRD, but I never build a nest. I am a _________.

  2. Some people call me MUD PUPPY, though my mother is not a dog. I am a _________.

  3. My name is TITMOUSE. But cheese is not my favorite food, and I don’t get caught in mousetraps. I am a _________.

  4. My name is PRAIRIE DOG. I bark, but I am not a dog. I am a _________.

  5. Although I am called a WOOLLY BEAR, I never hibernate or give bear hugs. I am a _________.

  6. One of my names is POLECAT, but I never meow or purr. I am a _________.

  7. I am called a FLYING FOX by some people, but I am not sly, and hunting dogs never chase me. I am a _________.

  8. I may be called a SEA HORSE, but don’t try to put a saddle on me. I am a _________.

  9. Although I am called a HORNED TOAD, I never croak and seldom jump. I am a _______.

  10. My name is SILVERFISH, but don’t look in the water for me. I am an _________.


  • (1) beetle, (2) salamander, (3) bird, (4) rodent, (5) caterpillar, (6) skunk, (7) bat, (8) fish, (9) lizard, (10) insect.

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney