A Visit to the Zoo

“A Visit to the Zoo,” Friend, May 1983, 25

A Visit to the Zoo

Instructions: Draw forty 1″ (2.5 cm.) circles on lightweight cardboard. Then with crayons or felt-tip pens, color eight circles blue, eight yellow, eight pink, eight green, and eight purple. Cut out circles and place in paper bag. Carefully remove game (pages 24–25) and mount on heavy cardboard.

Use different-looking buttons for markers. Place markers at zoo gate. Without peeking, draw a colored circle from bag and go to next square of that color. If square says to do something, you must do it. If it contains a riddle and you guess which animal the riddle describes, go to square where the animal is found. The first player to land on the tiger wins the game.

Illustrated by Sharon Seegmiller