There’s Work to Do

“There’s Work to Do,” Friend, May 1983, 11

There’s Work to Do

Unscramble the occupation or profession on the left; then match each one with the appropriate work described on the right.

1. Raitlo

a. Helps put out fires

2. Earchet

b. Cuts and styles hair

3. Trepnerac

c. Makes and mends clothes

4. Hemrot

d. Builds wooden structures

5. Fhrefirtieg

e. Usually works in a school

6. Nedsitt

f. Flies airplanes

7. Abenrk

g. Keeps a loving home

8. Topli

h. Helps keep teeth healthy

9. Bearrb

i. Installs or repairs pipes and fixtures

10. Earfmr

j. Plants, irrigates, and harvests crops

11. Ublemrp

k. Helps people save or borrow money


  • (1) tailor—c, (2) teacher—e, (3) carpenter—d, (4) mother—g, (5) firefighter—a, (6) dentist—h, (7) banker—k, (8) pilot—f, (9) barber—b, (10) farmer—j, (11) plumber—i.