Women in History

“Women in History,” Friend, May 1983, 26

Women in History

Can you identify these women in Church history? Match the descriptions with the names.

1. Eliza R. Snow

a. First woman in United States to be elected a state senator

2. Aurelia Spencer Rogers

b. Mother of first prophet in this dispensation

3. Romania Bunnell Pratt Penrose

c. First president of the Young Women

4. Emma Hale Smith

d. President of the first Primary

5. Lucy Mack Smith

e. First president of the Relief Society

6. Martha Hughes Cannon

f. Well-known poet and author

7. Elmina Shephard Taylor

g. First woman medical doctor in Utah


  • (1) f, (2) d, (3) g, (4) e, (5) b, (6) a, (7) c.