Sharing Time: Join the Secret Service
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“Sharing Time: Join the Secret Service,” Friend, Feb. 1982, 34

Sharing Time:

Join the Secret Service

We Need You!

You may be given awards for getting good grades or for achieving 100 percent attendance, but when you do something for others, it can make you feel better than any award you might receive.

You can show your love for a friend, neighbor, or someone in your family by doing a secret service for them. Each time you do something in secret (set the table, put a bicycle away, shovel a walk, share a treat, etc.), leave a paper heart at the scene of the action. Then see the happy smiles that your service brings. You will be the one with the biggest smile if you can do something nice without anyone ever finding out who did it. You could also cut a length of yarn or ribbon for a necklace or a bracelet, then each time you do a secret service add a tiny felt heart to it.

Sharing Time Ideas

Discuss scriptures in connection with service (Mosiah 2:18; John 15:12; 1 Jn. 3:18; Matt. 6:3, 4). Give children a secret service planning sheet. Encourage them to think of ways to serve specific people, then write their names down on planning sheet. Younger children could string a yarn bracelet or necklace with cutout hearts; then challenge them to give their love (hearts) away.

Illustrated by Karen Sharp