Window Dressing
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“Window Dressing,” Friend, Feb. 1982, 16

Window Dressing

Listed below are the names of several make-believe stores and the merchandise that might be displayed in their windows. How many can you correctly match?

1. Flannery’s Footwear

a. Stuffed Animals

2. Midtown Optical

b. Ten-speed bikes

3. The Book Nook

c. Wigs

4. Sugar and Spice Bakery

d. Jogging shoes

5. Noah’s Ark

e. Canopy beds

6. Creative Cover-ups

f. Biographies

7. Flower Power

g. Jewelry

8. Spoke and Wheel

h. Eyeglasses

9. Gold-n-Gems

i. Cream puffs

10. Slumberland

j. African violets


  • (1) d, (2) h, (3) f, (4) i, (5) a, (6) c, (7) j, (8) b, (9) g, (10) e.