Indoor Golf
February 1982

“Indoor Golf,” Friend, Feb. 1982, 43

Indoor Golf

Play this indoor golf game for family home evening!

For golf club, cut slit in middle of cardboard roll from bathroom tissue. Insert end of yardstick into slit for handle (see illustration). Cut two round circles of cardboard to fit over ends of roll; glue in place. Use table tennis ball for golf ball.

Make and arrange various holes, using materials from around the house. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Make paper and toothpick flags to number each hole.

  2. Clip clothespins on dowel as an obstacle in front of paper cup hole.

  3. Make fairway of cotton that runs into berry basket hole.

  4. Prop old shoe on its heel and use open part for one hole.

  5. Cut off one side of box and prop this side up on layer of books. Lay cardboard roll from paper toweling on open side of box. Cut holes on opposite side of box for more rolls.

  6. Cut large hold in square piece of cardboard. Stand this piece in upright position. Tape another piece of cardboard to form a slope.

To score, total the number of strokes it took to reach each hole. Player with lowest number wins.