Sharing Time: Make a Friend

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“Sharing Time: Make a Friend,” Friend, Aug.–Sept. 1981, 14

Sharing Time:

Make a Friend

Moving? Going back to school? New Primary class?

Some people think they are rich if they make lots of money. But the richest people of all are the ones who know how to make friends. You can make a friendship wallet and become rich with friends.

Play money

Mount wallet on heavy paper, cut out, fold on broken lines, glue sides together. Now fill in identification card. Cut out and use the friendship coins to remind you of the things you can do to be friendly.

Cut out friendship money. On each bill write the name of a person you could be friendly to. Underneath the name write something you like about this new friend. (If you have a photo of the person, you could glue it on the oval.) Make additional money if needed. As you look for things you like about others and are friendly to them, you will find that more people will want to be your friend!

Make a Friend!

Make an enlarged friendship wallet, coins, and bills as an aid in teaching children how to friendship or fellowship. Children could then relate their experiences with using the Golden Rule, discuss qualitites that help build friendship, and play different roles in school or play situations.

Duplicate copies of the activity page and have each child make his own wallet.