Book of Mormon ABC’s

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“Book of Mormon ABC’s,” Friend, Aug.–Sept. 1981, 33

Book of Mormon ABC’s

Use your Book of Mormon to find the answers for each of the following clues.

A. Father and son had same name—father prays for son and an angel appears to son, who then repents

B. Righteous kin and father of Mosiah

C. Hill where gold plates were buried by the angel Moroni

D. Means honeybee

E. People rejected his prophecies. He hid in cave to save his life

F. Christ speaking of the Book of Mormon people—“Other sheep I have which are not of this __”

G. Chief of robber band

H. Leader of 2,000 stripling soldiers

I. His daughters married sons of Lehi

J. Two sons of Lehi born in the wilderness

K. Did not believe in God—demanded a sign and was struck dumb

L. Led family out of Jerusalem to the promised land

M. Last writer in Book of Mormon—appeared to Joseph Smith many years later

N. Instructed by the Lord to slay Laban to obtain the plates of brass

O. One of the four sons of Mosiah

P. Metal “books” upon which important records were kept

Q. Wife of Lamoni, a woman of great faith

R. Holy stand from which people prayed insincerely

S. Lamanite who prophesied Christ’s coming

T. Piece of Moroni’s coat upon which he wrote—“In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children”

U. Opposite of righteous

V. Lord or angels appearing to righteous people to give them instruction

W. Caused by unrighteousness and strife

Y. Means you

Z. Servant of Laban who followed Nephi