Circus Party

“Circus Party,” Friend, Aug. 1972, 48

Circus Party


Suggestions for refreshments include:

Pink lemonade with striped drinking straws. A large cake decorated with animal crackers on top of swirls of frosting, or cupcakes decorated the same way.


Draw a gray elephant and cut out and paste on the front of construction paper invitations (see illustration). Print all information about the party on inside of card.


Blown-up balloons tied with long string to each chair make good place cards. The cards should be tied to the string just below the balloon, or you can write names on the balloons with felt-tipped pen.

Circus Games

Circus Menagerie

Arrange chairs in a circle with one less chair than players. Give each player a name of a circus animal such as lion, seal, elephant, zebra, etc. One player is “it” and stands inside the circle. “It” calls the names of any two animals in the menagerie. This is the signal for these two animals to change places. “It” tries to get one of their chairs before they can side down. The player left without a chair is always “it” in the next game.

Peanut Hunt

Before the party, hide peanuts around the room. There are many unusual hiding places in a room, such as behind curtains, near legs of furniture, and under pillows. Each player should be given a small paper sack to carry the peanuts that he finds. The player finding the most peanuts by the end of the party is the winner.