Turtle Fun

“Turtle Fun,” Friend, Aug. 1972, 26

Turtle Fun

You will need: margarine tub and lid, cardboard, green felt or heavy green construction paper, scissors, pencil, glue, and sequins.

On construction paper draw around the edge of tub lid for turtle’s round body. Add head, four legs, and a tail to this body and cut out.

Using the turtle body you have just made, trace another turtle from green felt or green painted cardboard and cut out. Glue felt or paper to back side of turtle.

You could make the turtle into a bank by cutting a slot in the center of the bottom of the tub. Then place the lid on the tub and turn upside down. The tub makes the turtle’s shell.

Glue sequin eyes to the head. The turtle shell could be decorated with paper or felt flowers.

To make a paperweight, place some little stones inside the tub.