August Calendar

“August Calendar,” Friend, Aug. 1972, 24

August Calendar

In the original Roman calendar that began with March, August had only thirty days and was called Sextilis because it was the sixth month of the year. In 8 B.C. the name of the month was changed to August in honor of Augustus Caesar, the first Roman emperor. To make his month equal in length with July, the preceding month that had been named for Julius Caesar, one day was taken from the month of February and added to August.

LDS branch organized, Hamburg, Germany: August 1, 1852.

Temple site dedicated by Prophet Joseph Smith, Independence, Missouri: August 3, 1831.

Alfred Lord Tennyson: English poet. Born August 6, 1809.

John Dryden: English poet and dramatist. Born August 9, 1631.

Phonograph invented by Thomas Edison: August 12, 1877.

First baptisms performed in Copenhagen, Denmark: August 12, 1851.

French Mission opened: August 13, 1848.

Napoleon Bonaparte: French emperor and general. Born August 15, 1769.

Davy Crockett: American frontiersman. Born August 17, 1786.

Primary Association organized: August 25, 1878.

Alberta Temple dedicated by President Heber J. Grant: August 26, 1823.

Leo Tolstoy: Russian novelist. Born August 28, 1828.