The Hatching How

    “The Hatching How,” Friend, May 1972, inside front cover

    The Hatching How

    Hey, soft fluffy chicken, can you tell

    How you ever broke out of your shell?

    I know!

    Though you are small and still a bit weak,

    You pecked with the hatching tooth on your beak.

    It’s sharp and strong and helped you crack through.

    Now the tooth will drop off in a day or two.

    All birds hatch this same way too!

    A crocodile has a hatching spike

    That grows on the end of his snout.

    Baby snakes and lizards too

    Have spikes to help them out.

    But on an insect’s eggshell

    There’s a slightly weakened place

    That pops out when it’s pressed

    Like a door or window space

    And lets the baby bug come through

    Into the springtime sun.

    Now if you’ve ever wondered—

    That’s how the hatching’s done!

    Illustrated by Beverly Johnston