Friend Binder

    Friend Binder,” Friend, May 1972, 23

    Friend Binder

    You will need: one corrugated cardboard carton, scissors, pencil, ruler, twelve pieces of yarn thirty-six inches long, glue, and wrapping paper or paper that has a sticky-backed surface.

    Cut two pieces of cardboard from carton using measurements given. Using one peice of cardboard for the front cover, glue the twelve pieces of yarn along the inside of the narrow section from top to bottom. This narrow section will be one-half of the back of binder. See the illustration for placement of yarn.

    Glue narrow section of second piece of cardboard directly over the glued strips of yarn. Place a heavy book or books on top of this until section is completely dry. Drying is a very important step.

    Next, cover the inside surface of the binder with bright paper or sticky-backed paper. Cover the outside of the binder the same way.

    Place twelve Friend magazines in order with January 1971 on top. Open January 1971 to center. Tie the magazine into position with the first pieces of yarn (top and bottom). When the knot is secure, tie February in place with the next set of strings (see illustration). Fasten remaining issues in same way.