Mother’s Day Gifts

    “Mother’s Day Gifts,” Friend, May 1972, 33

    Mother’s Day Gifts

    Recipe Holder

    by Shirlee R. Jackson

    You will need: clothespin, glue, beads, paint, fabric, dry seeds, felt, lace trim, or colored paper.

    Decide how you are going to decorate the recipe holder. If you want to paint and decorate the clothespin, paint the entire pin and let dry thoroughly before putting sparkles or beads in place with glue.

    When using dry seeds, glue them to clothespin before painting. Be sure to let seeds and glue dry thoroughly before painting.

    If you use fabric, you will not need to paint the clothespin. Glue fabric in place.

    Use your imagination in decorating more recipe holders.

    Illustrated by Nina Grover